[A Day in my Life] Slowakei bis Rumänien im Zug.

“A Day in my Life” ist ein Konzept, das ich durch Livejournal kenne. Ziel ist es – wie der Name schon sagt – einen Tag zu dokumentieren. Idealerweise vom Aufstehen bis zum Schlafengehen. Ich hab das schon einige Male gemacht und mir gedacht, dass es mal wieder an der Zeit wäre.. und was bietet sich da besser an als ein Tag an dem man morgens im Zug in der Slowakei aufwacht und abends in Sibiu, Rumänien in einer Jugendherberge schlafen geht?

Hier ist also mein 24.August 2013.. ein Tag im Zug quasi 😀 (mit englischen Kommentaren, weil ich ihn ursprünglich für die Livejournal-Community geschrieben habe)

see.. I wasn’t kidding when I said I woke up in a train..

train “bathrooms” suck!

..but basic hygiene is required.. and you get your typical “Gonna brush my teeth”-picture.

Time check.. and judging from the “Telekom SK” we’re still in Slovakia which means we’re late.. good thing we have enough time to change trains.

charge my iPhone with my fancy new external battery.

I’m about 5’8 (1,78m) tall which means I don’t have that much space in a night train.. I feel like a fish in a can..

Hungary.. how I know?

Telekom SK changed to Telekom HU 😀 (and time-check)

my friends and I gather our stuff and get ready to get off the train..

new train, no more beds.. 11 hours ahead ’til we get to our destination.

I decide to take a nap.. my superpower is sleeping.. I basically spend half the time asleep.

breakfast..we had a whole bag of food we brought with us.

I try to read a bit but I can’t really read cause I get sick while reading on a train..


we do some crossword puzzles..

..the train stops in the middle of nowhere.. sometimes for about 20 minutes.

I’m booooored..

another nap..

–and another stop.. near the border.

Crossing the border to Romania means passport control.

Hello Romanian border (train stop in Curtici)

Hello Romania, I can already see your mountains…

my trusted playlist from last years trip ❤ Stil in love with it and it will always be connected to my trips to Romania.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

I didn’t take a picture every time we decided to eat sth which happens quite often.. crackers and cheese.

somewhere in Romania..

..and more crosswords..

more mountains means we’re getting close to our destination..

time check..

and more food..

the AC on the train can get quite cold.. fuzzy socks in sandals? no problem.. I’m german so I can fullfill this cliche ^^


we spend the night in a hostel we already knew from last year. We’re meeting the rest of the conference group on the next day.

Heading out for dinner.. let’s see if we can still find the place where we had the best sandwiches last year.

There’s a medieval market on the towns square.

FOUND IT! Now I just need some limonada for my happiness (which i only get on the next day but it was sooooo worth the wait)


Friend checks her mails on my MacBook and I get ready for bed. Already took a shower and brushed my teeth.. the shower felt like heaven!


I read for like 5 minutes before I can’t keep my eyes open anymore..

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